xenoform . technology

Eyes inside eyes inside circles
Inside shadows, the night broken of sphere

attractor of subject
materials, in materials arranged

Diffusion, refraction
Abstraction as sand, as skin

There is rest, and there is not
Almost silent, noise

Subject, face (optional)
a kalcium hole through the dark

hyper linear components

The Predator, the Black Hawk
Through the sky, in the sands, the standing mirrors

Quartz engineering, phase transitions
The language machines are crawling, replicating

Xenoforms, Terra forming Off World


for everything they know are in the mineral, in the particles of the size called Sand
In those containers, in that shipping truck, in its exo-skeleton

Moving over the ocean by night
A magnetic field structure, a cathedral, programming the light of day

With everyone in charge, everywhere, always 


offworld.foundation use non human visualisation tools courtesy of
xenoform.technology, running open source in blacksphere.host


the A1 modules

A1 2022


A1 2022